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Welcome to the Dead Sea Scrolls Online Supplement

The printed book contains all the tools and features necessary for the reader to be introduced to and engage with the marvelous world of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This online supplement intends to further enhance the usefulness of this book by providing you with all the necessary supplements so this book may become an essential tool in your biblical studies library.

I hope you enjoy these supplements. Below are the materials; to access them just click on the tabs to open and reveal the additional tools and resources.

  • Immediately survey the entire book!

    If you are like me, and you constantly find yourself flipping to the table of contents to find range of pages where the topic you need to read up on is, then you will love this supplement. Now in this 9 page complete outline of the book's contents, you'll be able to quickly locate that exact area you want to read up on. Below is the link to click on; so you can have your own copy.

    Detailed Outline of Contents [9 pages]

  • Make it a Great Resource for your Personal Library!

    All scholars and most readers appreciate detailed indexes in a book. However, for The Dead Sea Scrolls, these would amount to an additional 55 pages! To include complete indexes in this printed book would mean cutting valuable information about the Scrolls. Instead, I have kept that information in the printed book, and put most of the indexes on this online supplement. Below the five indexes are available separately or altogether in a singel download. Click on the link and download your own copy.

    Index of Biblical Passages [12 pages]

    Index of Ancient Writings Other than the Dead Sea Scroll [6 pages]

    Index of Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Texts [13 pages]

    Index of Modern Authors [3 pages; also included in the printed book]

    Subject Index [6 pages]

    All Indexes in One Document [40 pages]

  • Coming Soon!

    Many of these were listed in the Bibliography, under “Editions, English Translations, and Computer Software” [page 201]. The Online Supplement provides fuller details on the main resources, lists some additional ones, and contains active links to the most recent printed and electronic versions or to their publishers.

  • A picture is worth a thosand words!

    In the printed book, the section "Photographs and Illustrations" [located between pages 91 and 92] features several pictures of the Dead Sea Scrolls, archaeological remains, and other items. Because of publishing limitations, all are in black and white; although several were actually taken in color. Most readers are interested in knowing more about photographs and other images of the Scrolls and the archaeological remains, both published and online.

    In 2011, the Israel Museum made available online five Cave 1 scrolls in high-resolution format, and in late 2012 the Israel Antiquities Authority launched the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, with about 5,000 online images. Below are the latest (live links to these incredible resources; click on the links and enjoy viewing these images.

    The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls - The Israel Museum

    Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library - Israel Antiquities Authority


    The Ancient Biblical Manuscript Center

  • Everything out there brought to you right here!

    The problem with providing links and websites in a printed book is that over time most change or become obsolete; as a result, most printed books list very few links and websites. By presenting these online, I will keep them constantly up to date, and will add further links as they become available.

    Below is a pdf for you to click on and download that features many links and websites to further your study of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    Current Links and Websites

  • Great Small Group Resource!

    For many readers, and for teachers using this book with students, the Discussion Questions for each chapter will guide its readers to both grapple and wrestle with the importance of such a pivotal discovery in both scholarship and the Church. Take the book further and engage in the implications of one of the greatest discoveries in the 20th century.

    DSS Discussion Questions PDF


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