CRC Research Team:
Ted M. Erho

Ted M. Erho graduated from Trinity Western University with a B.A. (2006) and M.A. (2008) in Biblical Studies. His thesis, entitled "A Reassessment of the Role of 1 Enoch 56:5-8 for the Dating of the Similitudes of Enoch: A Critique of the Historical-Allusional Method and a New Suggestion for Understanding the Text from a Tradition-Historical Perspective", has been the subject of a number of conference presentations and publications, both in print and forthcoming. During his tenure as a member of the CRC team from 2006-2008, Ted worked on the DJD 32 project, making contributions in the tabulation and explanation of the sense divisions and scribal sigla in the Cave 1 Isaiah scrolls, as well as undertaking the postproduction of the digital photographs of 1QIsaa.

Awarded the highly competitive Durham Doctoral Fellowship in addition to the SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship, Ted is presently writing a dissertation on the commonalities and bifurcation of apocalyptic traditions within first century ce Judaism and Christianity at Durham University in the United Kingdom under the supervision of Loren Stuckenbruck, Lutz Doering, and Stuart Weeks. His scholarly research interests include apocalypticism in the ancient world, 1 Enoch, and the textual criticism of the Ge'ez Old Testament.


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